About Me

Eric VanWieren is a Computer Professional that has been doing DevOps since before it was cool, and before it was called DevOps. At one point, he called it System Integration, System Engineering, or any of a number of similar terms are job titles. Currently, Eric is filling the roll of DevOps Architect, Systems Development Engineer, or Site Reliability Engineer.

Eric has put a strong emphasis on applying best practices and automation to all layers of a companies infrastructure. This is the aims of helping Companies and Development groups deploy and maintain world class software, whether it is an in-house or 3rd party application. Being able to scale and maintain applications and infrastructure is a must.

All of this is supported by writing internal and external tools to help assist in automation and reliable configuration and deployment routines.

Mentoring is another area that Eric has a focus in, and believes that some of his best accomplishments have been in the development and growth in some of the people that he has mentored.